Rise of the Tomb Raider Review | Xbox One
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Gameplay 5
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Rise of the Tomb Raider Review | Xbox One

What is it? An action-adventure featuring elements of climbing, puzzle solving, shooting and stealth, featuring the famous gaming icon Lara Croft as she continues life after her world-altering experience in the series’ reboot “Tomb Raider” and sets out to prove her father’s claims of the existence of a relic that dispenses eternal life.

As far as reboots go, 2013’s “Tomb Raider” was about as good as they come. The origin story of a grounded and vulnerable Lara Croft provided a compelling story of a girl who rises up from the ashes of a terrifying predicament and truly finds her strength despite everything going against her. What I grew to love about Rise of the Tomb raider is that it doesn’t try and stick with the same concept. From a character development angle we move onto a more established Lara Croft, one that knows who she is and what she wants, and as a game sequel, it sticks to very familiar gameplay but manages to expand on what worked but also fill the gaps left behind by its prequel. I was pleased to find myself spending more time exploring, climbing, hunting and puzzle solving rather than being constantly engaged with enemies and even then, you are really able to go with your own style of play… planning out a stealthy approach, crafting contraptions to help you or just going in guns-a-blazin’. The forgettable multiplayer from the 1st game has been dropped altogether with the effort looking to have been pumped into the 20+ hour story mode (way more if you’re a completionist) instead, and it’s completely paid off. Added to that there’s also some new additional modes that offer incentive to replay the game – think in the direction of speed runs and Halo skulls.

The highlight of Rise of the Tomb Raider for me however, – aside from the engaging campaign, thrilling edge-of-your-seat set-pieces, interesting collectibles and incredibly gorgeous Full HD graphics that showcase the Xbox One’s abilities – is that its filled with beautiful, fun and lovingly crafted “optional” tombs to explore/solve. Each one feels special and tests you in a different way, they are all completely unique in their appearance and best of all (and I really don’t know how they achieved this), they somehow channel a feeling of nostalgia that rips your brain right out of this impressive future-gen game and pulls you back to where Tomb Raider all began, and that’s just downright impressive. “Optional” tombs? You won’t want to miss a single one.

Rise of the Tomb Raider’s design, graphics, writing and gameplay deliver the epitome of what Triple-A, full-priced games should feel like. It’s one of the biggest surprises of the year and easily a contender for the best one of all.

Verdict: Fully Recommended!



  1. Unavengedavo November 9, 2015

    Does this one also have a ton of cut scenes and QTE’s? O_o

    Those were the only issues I had with the previous one.

    • Nick de Bruyne November 9, 2015

      Great cutscenes (look to be almost all in-game and amazing looking) and not much QTE no. Only stuff like Press X to get your grip back or dodge and press Y to counter attack. No full QTE scenes really that I remember.

  2. Uberutang November 9, 2015

    So happy this is a hit with reviewers. I hope it does really well in sales to reward the hard work the studio put in.

    • Nick de Bruyne November 9, 2015

      They really nailed it, it’s rare to see a game understand so much of what was good before and what needed to be better and then go and nail it like this

    • Sweetbrandigirl2004 November 11, 2015

      Don’t be overly swayed by the reviewers they’re paid for reviews, as for ROTTR being a success don’t count on it. SE has successfully pissed off the entire Playstation Nation by selling out to MicroDic giving them a one year exclusivity it might as well be a lifetime exclusivity because the majority of PS owner will have completely forgotten about this game a year from now. Many like myself will NEVER buy it simple out of protest so as to not be in support of these type of deals. SE who said they were disappointed in the sells of the TR reboot are in for a huge disappointment of their own making this time around. With HALO 5 launching today along with FALLOUT 4 ROTTR doesn’t have a snowballs chance in HELL of getting on most people radar.

      • Brian O’Blivion November 11, 2015

        You are very right about people being pissed at Square Enix for taking money from Microsoft in a scheme to deliberately deprive a majority of gamers of their fun. It was a really sleazy move that WILL cost them what they COULD have made had they not got on board the d-bag train. I am hard pressed to see the true long-run upside for SE. They’ve only done damage to their brand and alienated most of their clientele.
        I thought the reboot was a masterpiece on the PS4, so I am very happy to hear that this is even better. I look forward to buying a USED COPY of the definitive PS4 edition of the game when it comes out next year.

        • Sweetbrandigirl2004 November 11, 2015

          I hear ya Brian and I’m right there with you I’ll be looking for a USED copy as I wont give SE a penny of my money ever again !!!

          • Steven OConnor November 11, 2015

            Oh suck up. It’s all about the business. People bitch about sf5? Sony does the same shit. So don’t talk shit.

          • Sweetbrandigirl2004 November 11, 2015

            No ! Sony DIDN’T do the same thing SF was NOT a game made popular by Xbox owners. Tomb Raider is and has been a Playstation centered game since it first came out in 1996. PC and PS players kept TR alive through all the shitty years and made the reboot a success. So for SE to betray the fanbase is a really really shitty move. One that will come back to bite them in the Ass.

          • Nick de Bruyne November 11, 2015

            I don’t think you actually fully understand how much of the (insanely) dedicated tournament Fighting Game Community were playing Street Fighter on Xbox. If even half of those people moved from 360 to XBO they are now royally screwed out of a game that isnt just a week of fun, but a game that their entire way of life / communities revolve around.

          • Steven OConnor November 11, 2015

            I refer to locking exclusives down sure they do. And yes capcom was in financial duress about to sell off franchises and want to be bought out. Sony fronted the money for that game in turn making it exclusive. It’s about the fun of videogames relax and play the games

          • Sweetbrandigirl2004 November 11, 2015

            Yes, Capcom was in financial duress about to sell off franchises and want to be bought out. But it my understanding that Capcom reached out to Sony and asked for help. I’ve also read that they approached Microsoft FIRST and was turned down. Steve Spencer reportedly was quoted as saying “We think it’s a smarter idea to put our money into our own fighting game” So all the XboxOne players need to quit blaming SFV on Sony because without Sony it be gone and they’re wouldn’t be a SFV.

          • Steven OConnor November 14, 2015

            Either if they had went with Sony or Microsoft the outcome still would have done the same potentially. There would have been exclusivity they both would’ve made that move is the point I’m making Microsoft said no further reasons Sony did not . It’s about the business that’s all it is as long as they have the numbers they want the higher the better that’s great. The ones that really appreciate the games are the programmers to put the effort into developing them not really the corporate heads that much. Most of them are too focused on the bottom line profit ability or lack of. I don’t Falls any company for having exclusives or making deals to buy exclusive rights. Tell you build console appeal. The differences as compared to the 80s and 90s is that it’s more looked upon its more communicated with the gaming community and we’re not kids. Also there’s the fact that the Internet exists and everything is known right away for the most part. So then of this whole topic we have discussed I still say exclusives are important almost as much as text backs and what the consoles can handle and in this case neither one really are that strong they are not 10 year lifespan systems.

      • Nick de Bruyne November 11, 2015

        But if the PlayStation gets an exclusive then it’s all because the PS is the best and deserves it right? Where did you get the idea that Halo 5 launches today, it’s been out for a while already?

      • Nick de Bruyne November 11, 2015

        Also, paid reviews. Haha, yeah, sure thing man.

        • Victor “Vicky” Moolman November 11, 2015

          This is a very edumacational comment, so does this work for back logged reviews as well? If I review the first Tomb Raider can I expect money anytime soon??

  3. Michelle December 9, 2015

    Definitely value for money,I’m loving this game sooooo much.

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