Just Cause 4 Review – The Dictatornator Returns
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They made it just ’cause they can

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Just Cause 4 Review – The Dictatornator Returns

What is it? A massively huge open world game with incredible physics. – Reviewed on PC. Also available on PS4, Xbox One

Pros: Amazing physics allows for various solutions to problems.

Cons: Complete lack of variety.

Verdict: A great physics simulator but a bad game, Just Cause 4 is a distraction more than anything else.

Just Cause 4 is a game that, on paper, sounds like it should be a huge success. It has everything Just Cause 3 had, but more of it: a bigger open world with more beautiful scenery.

Rico Rodriguez (your character) has some high tech goodies like a retractable grappling hook, parachute and a wing-suit. You try to overthrow the government of Solis by assisting the local rebellion. This is pure fluff as the story is irrelevant, and the world itself is without character. It is as if the developers used a checklist of features and simply implemented them without any thought.

The physics in the game is simply brilliant. Couple this with the grappling hook and it’s various attachments and you can have hours of fun in the game. But the game is not a better game because of it. The fancy explosions and cool tech you use just act as a distraction. Often while playing the game I ended up looking for the biggest enemy settlement and blowing stuff up in a creative way. Then I get bored after an hour and turn the game off. I had no motivation to continue the story, seek out missions or help form a resistance.

The fact that there is no challenge to the game did not help either. The AI is dumb and Rico is more of a bullet sponge than Deadpool. And the cool features like tornadoes, are so rare that it does not deserve to be on the game’s cover.

Just Cause 4 is a great physics simulator stuck into a bad game. And the more I play the game the more obvious it becomes. Consider me disappointed.

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