Old Dooms On Switch Are Pure Gaming Bliss

Old Dooms On Switch Are Pure Gaming Bliss

Anyone from my generation (let’s not get into that) will be able to recall just how special it was to play Doom and Doom 2 back in the 90s. I actually think Doom 2 was the first game I ever saw or played running network multiplayer (yes with the weird coaxial thingies).

It was only in the late 90s that I actually really dug into Doom 2, and it was somehow still as good. I would put my Metallica “Black” album into the PC’s CD-ROM, crank up the sound and then blast my way into pure bliss while the band played my glory out to the tunes of Enter Sandman – enough for my family to have the “Satan is bad” conversation with me. I wouldn’t really play Doom again until I eventually ended up with an updated version of it on Xbox 360, and by extension the Xbox One with its backwards compatibility. Guess what?

The game was still so much fun to play, and made me realise that, hell… the Doom games may be perfect.

Since I got my Switch, I’ve been neglecting it a little because I don’t leave the house much, but I was looking for that perfect new game to fill 10-15 min breathers after a long day. I found and fell in love with Dead Cells, but the more I played it the longer the playthroughs got and so I could pause and come back to it, but still needed an injection of something I could play and complete in around 15 mins. Yes there are other options, but none were scratching the itch I had.

“The map sizes are the reason it all works…”

Enter Doom 2. Once again, perfection. Well, I say perfection but what I mean is gameplay perfection, because the whole story where I have to connect to Bethesda.Net and have it moan at me whenever it disconnects can go die in hellfire.

Thing is, the gameplay is still just great, in that it’s the right mix of action-packed input, without me having to actually spend too much effort having to try and be accurate. You just sorta need to line the weapon up and then plow an ass-load of ammo into whatever is in front of you. The map sizes are the reason it all works though, because in just 10-15 mins I can play through a single level, try find a few secrets, kill a bunch of things and then slam that exit button to finish it all off. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the Switch version also works with a single joycon, and while the controls aren’t amazing (actually pretty similar to the old days), you can totally run split-screen with two of them and play the entire game cooperatively, or have a few rounds of 1v1 deathmatch. Just like that.

If they were too take the exact engine that Doom 2 uses, and add more weapons, enemies and levels and call it “The Other Doom 3″, I would throw money at it so hard that there would be holes it. Doom is still great to play, and on the Switch… on the go… it’s just pure joy.