The November Man
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In what can be described as Taken with less cool and more Bond, Brosnan does a decent job as an ex-CIA agent out for revenge but is tripped by the generic plot

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The November Man

What is it? An ex-CIA agent is called upon to protect a witness that has evidence the future President of Russia is a war criminal. Standing in his way is the mob, and his old protégé.

In what can only be described as another Taken, only with ex-Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, director Roger Donaldson strings together an action movie that has just about every cliché packed into 148 minutes which feels about 140 minutes too long. Some of the more entertaining elements are the slow-motion action scenes, Pierce Brosnan swearing like he’s been pulled from an Irvin Welsh novel and the stunning Olga Kurylenko.

If you are looking for a shallow script acted well by Brosnan who does a good enough job acting tough then you may enjoy this mindless ride.

Director: Roger Donaldson |  Rotten Tomatoes 36% Metacritic 38%

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Olga Kurylenko, Alice Fournier, Luke Bracey, David Mason and Eliza Taylor.

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