This Quantum Break Gameplay Looks Incredible

This Quantum Break Gameplay Looks Incredible

Remedy is one of those companies that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I know they’re working on something because I know that there’s a really good chance that we are going to get something really special. The Max Payne’s may have been great, but it was only until Alan Wake that I truly learned to appreciate what they are capable of.

So with that in mind I eagerly await my chance to get my hands on Quantum Break, and obviously hope deep down that I won’t find my self disappointed. This gameplay footage from early in the game is making me feel a whole lot better though, as it’s looking incredibly impressive. The gameplay is looking fun, the visuals are honestly looking beyond the Xbox One’s capabilities and I find myself slowly warming up to the Hollywood talent that’s been brought onboard, despite some early scepticism.

Here’s the gameplay that you can check out, what do you think?

  • oltman

    I have learned the hard way that any promotional material is to be taken with a pinch of salt. The first time this happened was with Jurassic Park Trespasser. The promotional material looked fantastic but the game really was not that great in the graphics department. Since then I see promos for what they are: marketing material. I will generally wait for betas or even released game footage before I lay down the money. Saying that, some companies give so much feedback and gameplay material before launch that it becomes very clear what the game will actually look like on day of release.

    With all that, graphics seldom convinces me to buy a game. Yes it looks pretty, but how does it play?

    So were we lied to? No. No game will look the same after 2 years of dev time!