PSX Is Proof Playstation Still Has The Edge

PSX Is Proof Playstation Still Has The Edge

This week, many of us huddled around our TVs to watch PSX streaming live from the place where The Mighty Ducks come from so we could see what juicy reveals and information blasts they might have in store for us.

Boy oh boy, did they deliver. Like a second E3 for the year, Sony dropped some big bombs, with the charge led by none other than Naughty Dog, who are at this point almost certainly the best folks in the business. The Last of Us 2 revealed, kick-ass looking Uncharted 4 DLC, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo and a really beautiful looking remaster of the beloved Crash Bandicoot games. It’s enough to get a whole lot of people really excited.

This trailer literally made me feel all funny and weird inside.

While watching, it quickly became very apparent through that this was more than just a couple of big reveals and exciting looking video games. Playstation has managed to do something very special… and that’s that they have managed to keep that sense of mystery and excitement from our pasts that we still all hold onto so dearly and combine it with a much great sense of community than any of its competitors.

I’m a huge fan of the Xbox, I owe a lot of my adult life to relationships formed on Xbox Live and I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft’s ability to read and cater to modern generations. I’m not the biggest Nintendo fanboy by any stretch, but who the hell doesn’t appreciate and respect everything they have done and will continue to do for this amazing form of entertainment? Why is it then that the western Xbox and Nintendo communities pale in comparison to what Playstation has managed to achieve? I’m not sure if the X-bros and brodettes are too busy getting hardcore headshot kills online to care about the rest of the community that exists past their own clans but Xbox just doesn’t seem to have that same passionate audience that Playstation does. Nintendo superfans might prefer to only keep their communities as far as their own couch or school takes them as a result of the nature of Nintendo’s games over the years (unless of course you are going to go hang out at a sweet roof party with your Nintendo Switch), but despite my generalisations, again… it’s just not quite the same.

Recent reviews: Dead Rising 4 / Steep / AC The Ezio Collection / Watch Dogs 2 / Titanfall 2 / Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare / Battlefield 1

You only need to peek in a teensy bit to realise that the fans going crazy for The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, Death Stranding, Crash Bandicoot and more are super passionate about these franchises in ways that I struggle to see with say… the new Gears of War or Halo, despite my own love for the games and the fact that they do have big fanbases.

Is it because there is a large U.S audience that still finds a deep sense of intrigue within the concept of those mysterious, magical games being developed on the other side of the world in the land of the rising sun? Japanese powerhouses like Kojima, Ueda, Yamauchi and more are near-godlike figures in the industry and are capable of keeping us all at 100% attention while we eagerly wait to see what they do next.

This trailer also made me feel all funny and weird inside, but for very different reasons.

Let’s not forget that Japan is still such a huge and consistent market for them too. Nintendo crosses over into this territory too, so it could be the case (sorry Xbox, you’re like soooo local) and it reminds me of my days as a child getting my hands on some amazing gaming magazines that showed off games I’d probably never get to see in real life.

But let me not ramble too much on that, because fans are fans and it’s pretty tough to really gauge which ones are more excited and passionate than others. Instead I also look at the folks from Kinda Funny, and the fact that their podcast PS I Love You XOXO, which was formerly the same folks doing Podcast Beyond at IGN has a massive listener base who are active and plugged in a way I’ve never seen from Nintendo or Microsoft. They are so popular that they even get invited to do a live stage podcast from PSX, and again its all powered by the community and their funding (I must be fair and state that they are funded on Patreon for way more shows than just their weekly PS podcast).

I can’t think of any case where there is an Xbox or Nintendo podcast that comes remotely close. I combine that with the pure passion and excitement that was to be seen surrounding titles like The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo and even Final Fantasy XV which is now multiplatform but still regarded by many as being at home on Playstation. There’s something special here, there’s a certain type of magic that crosses the lines between retro and advanced, young and old, serious and fun.

Microsoft and Nintendo have been struggling to find their feet over the last few years

As someone who actually tilted way more towards my Xbox 360 and has been sharing my time pretty equally between my PS4 and Xbox One, I can’t doubt in any way that at this moment, every time I boot up my PS4 I feel like there’s something special happening behind the scenes. I don’t know exactly how they did it, because despite the fact that I spent hours and hours playing Forza games, a whole bunch more playing Gears or Halo multiplayer or just enjoying my Xbox as a media centre, it still only functions as a device in my home.

When the Playstation boots up, there’s this weird feeling I get that’s bigger than that skew looking black rectangle on the cabinet. It’s a feeling that makes me look past the controller I don’t like that much or the fact that I fight with its slow download speeds all the time. I feel like I’m still on a journey that started long ago with long nights of Gran Turismo, Abe’s Odyssey and Resident Evil 2, and its a ride that I never want to get off of.

Microsoft and Nintendo have been struggling to find their feet over the last few years after the rocky Xbox One launch controversy and the under-performing Wii U, and thankfully it does look like they are bouncing back, its clear to me for now that Playstation are very much in the happy seat.

It’s evident from PSX that the Sony Playstation is still in a very strong position, if not from a sales or purely technological point of view in this current generation, but because they have a passionate and large community of gamers and developers… and they’ve always seemed to know how to treat them right.

The PSX told me so.

Recent reviews: Dead Rising 4 / Steep / AC The Ezio Collection / Watch Dogs 2 / Titanfall 2 / Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare / Battlefield 1

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  • Super Wrong

  • Rafoca

    All I saw were games made for people who don’t like co-op, the only exception being nioh

    • Guild

      What that new one dreadnought? Thought it’s only MP?

      • Rafoca

        That one too, but if you look at Microsoft console exclusive games you will see that Sony focuses on single player and Microsoft on coop. But when you have a co-op game, you can also play it alone.

        • Ucouldntbemorewrong

          I’d rather have a whole bunch diversity on a platform, and 3rd party can make up for supposedly thin areas, COD, BF1, TF2, Overwatch MP anyone.

          • Rafoca

            Except none of the games you mentioned have coop
            Except for cod =/

            Coop is rare these days

          • Ucouldntbemorewrong

            jumped to MP my bad

  • Guild

    You know Sony has done something right when an Xbox fanboi is drooling

  • Mohammed Allha

    Japan is what makes playstation unique without it’s just an xbox

  • MJ Meyer

    Ok, so I’m pretty biased. Although, I had a PS1, PS2, PS3, borrowed a friend’s Xbox 360 for like 3 months and now have an Xbox One (for the last two years). Have played on the PS4, but not enough where I can give an unbiased opinion.

    I just feel a lot of what you’re talking about is nostalgia and really doesn’t have much to do with an “edge” over the competition. It’s only an edge if your audience has played said title. Like Last of Us or Uncharted. Never got around to getting those when I had the PS3, so honestly don’t have any connection to those trailers. Sure the graphics look really good and story line interesting, but meh.

    Back when I had the PS3 I never played online. I didn’t really have a good internet connection and almost all my colleagues/friends had and Xbox. Not to mention the few times I tried playing online, it was just a complete pain in the ass and trouble to get everything working, compared to my friend’s Xbox 360.

    Since I’ve had my Xbox though, I was hooked. Playing games online just beats the hell out of grinding away on my own. Sure there are times I just sit back and play through some campaigns, but online is the reason why I currently have too many games (of the campaign variety) and not enough time, cause it’s mind blowingly fun.

    I should also mention, it’s because of my Halo 5 addiction (remember that “failed” game according to reviewers). I find it ironic how many reviews I read nowadays that bash a game of how much it sucks etc etc and how much I actually end up enjoying it. And yes, I enjoyed the hell out of the campaign of Halo, and now especially the multiplayer. Does it have its flaws, sure… It’s not perfect. But I see any game franchise like a tv series season (certain ones at least). Some are ok, some are LEGEND, some suck. But in the case of Halo, which has a 20 year plan, I see any shortcomings as something that will be improved in the next season. I think the story may have been a bit lack luster to some, because it’s building up to something even better. I may be wrong, but I hope not. I also think lots of people just hate change, and love bashing something that’s not exactly how they remember or were hoping for (hype train). But that’s a long winded discussion for another day.

    Can I just mention what an awesome local community Halo 5 has. If you’re in any way interested in some semi or serious competitive gaming on Xbox, shoot on over to and join us **ShamelessPromotionOver**.

    So, onto my point that took way too freaking long to get to…

    I have the exact same feelings for my Xbox that you have for your PS4. Yes, I played the shiz out of Crash and I’m super excited they’re doing a proper remaster, but will it make me buy a PS4… No. Online is where my friends are, and gaming with my buds and making new memories, I’d take that over any exclusive any day.

    It’s exactly why I always tell people who ask the dreaded ‘what should I buy PS4 vs Xbox?’ question… What do your friends play? Get that! If you don’t have gaming friends, then sure, buy based on the exclusives. But I honestly think, as long as you’re gaming and having fun, go for it!

    Just by the way, if PS decided to open their side of the cross-platform multiplayer door, then the focus would be much more on exclusives. So please ask them to stop being a “Richard” about this!

    Anyway, sorry for the way to long read. To many more happy gaming memories.

    • MJ Meyer

      Holy cow. Having posted now, I actually see how much I blabbered. Dammit.

    • angh

      Good read;) although I’m not sure what issues you had playing online on ps3. I was starting with Warhawk (2007), moved to cod, Killzone 2 and MAG (256 people on map anyone? this was a blast) and haven’t experienced any issues and all I had to do was plug and play.
      Have fun with Halo! 🙂

      • Nick de Bruyne

        The PS3 had a terrible wireless card in it. Shame. Also mag never actually had 256 players on one map unfortunately

        • angh

          No idea if it was bad, i never had any issue. But mag had 256 players on same map, i was playing it quite a bit:

          • Nick de Bruyne

            Sorry if I maybe got it wrong, but the way I remember it was that they weren’t all one one single map, more like 4 games happening at the same time that sort of sync.

          • angh

            You had teams with different objectives on one single big map, but you could go to any other place freely, and fight for any other objective, sometimes team were going to help with another team’ objective. Or all people could meet in one place. But you were getting more xp following orders and push, still, it was full stack;)
            of course, the cost was a graphics, but nevertheless it was fun.
            I really would like to see a MAG 2…

  • angh

    For myself, ps4 have the most appealing titles from the consoles. With a PC I’m not missing any single game I would like to play – except maybe 2 jrpg’s from wii u, but for now I won’t pay for a console for just 3 games.
    PSX is showing me that Sony will continue to deliver this type of games I want to see.

  • Charles Buchanan

    Damn fine article Sir. Kudos for being able to write down how millions of us feel.

  • BelAirBoss

    All it takes is viewing the response Sony press conferences get from their audiences….there are gasps of excitement and wonder at major reveals, thunderous applause when certain honchos walk onstage, and a genuine appreciation for all the loving nostalgia and fan appreciation moments that Sony delivers on a regular basis at their conferences. By contrast, Microsoft pressers are mundane affairs, devoid of emotion or excitement, downright as quiet as a teet mouse by comparison.

    As someone who games on pc, ps4, ps3, 360, several older consoles, and soon to be a switch and perhaps a Scorpio (only if I don’t upgrade my gpu and cpu in 2017), I say this with no bias. It’s just the reality at the moment. Sony engenders more emotion from it’s base than does Microsoft, and Sony’s base is larger on the worldwide stage than is Microsoft’s.

    • Nick de Bruyne

      Very right and a big inspiration for this article. The energy from the fans is akin to comic con, whereas like you said, Microsoft just aren’t able to pull that same excitement. Theirs feel more like briefings. PSX was a great move from Sony and it looks like the fans met them halfway to make it a success. Good for them.

  • Aaron blanchard

    Microsoft is technically one console behind PlayStation. But after Scorpio, Microsoft will be the dominate console. Playstation started first but will ultimately finish last and will be owned by Microsoft within 15 years. Sony as a company is dying as a whole company. Tvs and phones aren’t as popular and PlayStation is their cash cow. After the disappointing release of pro with no UHD drive and the new PS4 with no optical for sound, Sony is losing touch with consumer requests and cutting costs by cutting corners. I’m lucky enough to own Xbox one S and PS4, but these days my Xbox one S is the dominate console in the house.


      Then we will still enjoy supremacy in the next 15 years.

      And Scorpio will have more power and……..just more power. Any exclusive out there for scorpio???….???…….crickets!

      • Nick de Bruyne

        Well it’s odd that you should say that since the PS Pro isn’t allowed to actually have any exclusives made for it. I assume the same for Scorpio. In terms of exclusives I think the Playstation has a hell of a great line-up coming along (this year suffered a bit and MS did well to fill that gap), but MS have a pretty good set of exclusives for now that have a pretty large fanbase still, but as I said in the article, they are far from having anything that draws the same level of fandom that something like a Kojima game can pull.

        Let’s not forget that Microsoft had Mass Effect as an exclusive before, that was a big deal and that would have been HUGE if they had an exclusive for Andromeda. Then again, Final Fantasy now comes out on Xbox too, so it’s a completely different world we are living in now.


          Yes, ps4 pro doesn’t have exclusives against ps4, BUT it does have exclusives against Pc (unlike Scorpio).

          And just as a brand, there’s more than 4 exclusives to come for ps4 for every one there is for xbone/Scorpio. Not to mention the scope of them,quite frankly, halo wars 2, crackdown 3 and scalebound can’t compare with FFVII, good of war, spiderman or horizon, not to mention death standing or the last of us part II.

          My point is, the Scorpio will have more power than the ps4/pro but the games it will get can’t compete with the ps4 ones and against a gaming pc the Scorpio is completely irrelevant.

          • Nick de Bruyne

            It is worth noting though that Xbox is no longer a console and is now considered a platform. Therefore something can be an Xbox exclusive despite being on console and PC because it’s still exclusive to the Xbox platform, so as someone mentioned before that that means of course it’s not playable on Nintendo or Sony consoles at the every least, as well as other PC gaming services. Although it is actually a good thing that MS are then later releasing those games to places like Steam after a while to open it up to more people. Better for games and better for their business.


            Oh, I’m tell you why it is worth it, because even if we go with all that “pc is also part of the Xbox platform” that is only on the software side of things. And we are talking about consoles, meaning hardware.

            So what incentive will someone with a gaming pc have to buy Scorpio if they can already play any game the Scorpio can? The same goes for people that already have an Xbox but don’t have a 4k TV. There’s not a single game that forces you to buy that console. (lack of exclusives).

            Not only does the ps4 has real exclusives (even against pc) but it also has more console exclusives and better ones than xbox has.

            Quite frankly halo wars 2,Crackdown 3 and scale bound don’t compete in number, scope, graphics and most likely in scores with the likes of horizon, persona 5, FFVII, good of war, Detroit, Dreams, spiderman, death stranding, the last of us 2, etc.

            MS might not worry about money, but the success of the Scorpio is far from assured.

            So it is worth it… A lot!

          • Nick de Bruyne

            Wait wait wait. It’s just absolutely no argument that a bunch of games that haven’t been released yet have better “likely scores” than other games that haven’t been released yet. Don’t even get me started on the “graphics” of unreleased games, I don’t even need to provide examples at this rate and remember that this is nothing but a hype game. Let The Last Guardian only releasing this week be a reminder to us all that we can’t ever be so sure what’s coming around the corner. We have no guarantee that those upcoming games are A: actually good yet, and B: even going to be out within 3-4 years. We also need to stop pretending that just because a game comes out on PC, that every single person on the planet magically has a beefed up PC gaming rig to play it on. Many people will roll with a work laptop and a console. So I’m not sure why people keep pretending like if something’s on PC then it’s magically available to everyone. If something isn’t available on select other platforms it’s still technically an exclusive, or non-inclusive title if you wanna call it that.


            First of all, LIKELY is the key word here, and yes, you can make educated guesses about games based on the track record of the developer, like media molecule, both Lbp 1 and 2 where GOTY contenders, naughty dog, all uncharted games and TLOU were all GOTY contenders, the first 3 good of War were GOTY contenders while Crackdown 1 and 2 and halo wars were not GOTY contenders. Get it?
            But fine ,if speculating is not your thing (or is not in your favor) then forget about that point. And we will leave it at more games, with bigger scope and better graphics, yes, uncharted 4, horizon or God of War are hands down ahead of the Xbox games.

            And I don’t know what your point about last guardian is about, it’s a troubled hand that received better scores than everyone expected after this year’s previews. Oh, BTW, forza is the ONLY Xbox “exclusive” that got better scores so…

            And no, most people have not a buffed pc rig, who does? Those who really appreciate the best details in graphics (which is the ONLY advantage Scorpio has). And those who just want affordable consoles with great games have more to choose from the ps4, as we have seen how much more it still has to offer compared to Xbox.

            Oh, and we do know that God of War, horizon, persona 5, Detroit, dreams, nino kuni 2, days gone, etc. Will be out sooner than the next halo or the next gears (let’s be honest, MS doesn’t have bigger games than those).

            Get it?

          • Nick de Bruyne

            Yes but bare in mind a lot of those titles from MS *just* came out, so of course they won’t come earlier because thats not how the development cycle works, unless they are annualising franchises, which is why MS had upper hand this year on amount of exclusive releases, so its PS4s turn next to offload all the goodness. And to be honest no there isn’t proof that many of those will actually come out before other titles, don’t ever forget how many titles got pushed way way further back than expected. Even when they finally DO get given release dates (which many of these dont even have yet), we know for a fact that there’s no guarantee that they aren’t going to get pushed again and again, we’ve seen it before and we’ve seen it again. So with all logical considerations for delays and releases, we will always be weary of that. If there *is* one thing Sony’s exclusives have always had a problem with, its a track record with exclusives like Gran Turismo, The Last Guardian etc taking ages, and I mean, hell people are still surprised that Last Guardian didn’t get cancelled, thankfully and lucky for all of us.


            Wait what??? I’m sorry, but before I continue I have to clarify this first: HOW THE HELL DID MS HAD THE UPPER HAND IN EXCLUSIVES THIS YEAR?

            The ps4 had 7 exclusives averaging 80 of more, xbox had… Just 2. So you couldn’t have been further from the truth. (well, except of course if you had said the wiiu had the best year of course).

            Now, leaving aside your glaring mistake, regarding the upcoming exclusives situation :

            1. The last guardian is a very exceptional exception, it’s unlikely one of two of the announced games will ever face that kind of extended development scenario again.

            2. Crackdown 3 doesn’t have a set release date either, so that leaves just two MS exclusives with a set date

            3. There’s also more 3rd party exclusives for the ps4.

            4. There’s not only no way the next halo or gears arrive sooner than games that have shown game play already, I don’t believe they’ll even have game play shown before games like God of War releases.

            5. There’s already way more ps4 exclusives announced, even if sony didn’t announce a single exclusive next year (which is kinda impossible) MS won’t announce 10 new exclusives (even without release date) so the advantage won’t change by the time Scorpio arrives.

            6. Even if all ps4 exclusives after persona 5 were delayed, there is still the notion that they are coming, and that is something absent from MS right now.

            7. Uncharted 4 launched this year, it received the highest scores of the year… Generation, people said it was the best looking game ever made and what was the only possible way to play it? Buying a ps4. No pc, no other choice. A killer app! the real reason to buy a system, there’s nothing remotely like that for Scorpio, not now and not ever (unless MS changes his mind again).

            In the end, it’s clear to me that no matter how good the hardware in Scorpio is, it’s the lack of exclusives software that will prevent it from being a total success.

            Personally, I think MS would be far better off just naming it xbox two, making it backwards compatible with Xbox one but changing the generation with some high profile console and total exclusives.

            Anyways, those are my two… Or two hundred cents. I hope I didn’t bore you to tears.

      • Aaron blanchard

        Crackdown 3. How about them apples!!


    Just a teaser for next year:
    Everybody’s/Hot Shots Golf 7

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Gravity Rush 2

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    MLB The Show 17



    Yakuza 0


    Persona 5


    Ni no Kuni 2

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    Plus a bunch of Remasters (like Crash, PaRappa, Wipeout, Patapon)

    Kingdom Hearts HD games

    Knack 2

    Final Fantasy XII HD

    Ace Combat 7

    and there are announced games not listed there like dreams, god of war, FFVII, spiderman…

    • Aaron blanchard

      Wow a bunch of games that are crap. Nothing new. Same games to capitalize on. Knack 2. Really. Horizon Zero dawn looks great I have to admit.


        Lol nice try!

        You couldn’t say how many, you didn’t dare to say which ones, whatever, there’s more than 4 ps4 exclusive pending for each xbone one. So, there cuold be 15 ps4 crappy exclusives, there would still be more succeeding than the ones from the xbone.

  • Aaron blanchard

    But exclusive on Xbox one console. Not ps4 not nintendo switch, just xbox. Hows that applesauce? im talking green apples and your talkin red apples. Now lets talk turkey a-hole. But props for the first burn, Applejack jerkoff.


      Again dummy! If you can play it on a pc IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE, you have to say CONSOLE exclusive.

      Ps4 and ps4 pro have console exclusives and REAL exclusives unlike the Scorpio.

      Get it turkey?

      • Aaron blanchard

        I just said console exclusive to Xbox!!! PS4 pro is crap!!! Waste if money!!! Scorpio will dominate and Microsoft will eventually own Sony. What’s next for Sony?? Nothing. Ps pro can’t even play UHD disks!!! And not everyone can stream 4K so il keep my PS4 as it will be the second last console they will ever make. Pro is a cash grab for minimal change. Almost like what Barrack Obama did as president. Nothing!!! Just looked good while changing nothing!!! Xbox will reign supreme you Pony!! Lol.


          Pro sucks? It’s 3 times more powerful than the xbone, has more games and better ones and. So, if ps4 pro sucks them the xbone hyper mega sucks!!! Lol

          And how many series can you get in Uhd discs? There are more than 40 already just in Netflix. Lol you can’t stream 4k content? Lol sucks to live in a farm!

          Scorpio will be more powerful yes, but it will be more expensive, without a single exclusive against pc or the xbone and with no relevant aaa console exclusive, gears? Halo? Quantum broke? They are already out and they all underperformed both in sales and scores lol

          So Scorpio will not sell better than the ps4, and will never get close to the ps4 total sales. Lol

          So keep dreaming xbot! It’s the best you can do since your gaming choice obviously failed. Lol

          • Aaron blanchard

            More power….. more responsibility…. heard that somewhere. Also heard ps pro licks goats nuts and it’s a cash grab. Living on a farm isn’t so bad. I shoot guns whenever I want, grow copious amounts of marijuanna, and play Xbox one on the side of my barn with a 4K projector. Barn living isn’t so bad


            Lol you couldn’t comment on the exclusives so you change the subject! Proof of your defeat! Lol

            You heard PS pro licks balls? That’s a false comment from someone very dumb, but you are even dumber for believing it.

            But I get it now, you both are rednecks! You live in a farm with no Internet and where part of the retards that fell for Trump’s lies.

            The only thing about consoles you know is that M$ is an American company and sony is a Japanese one, and like a true Trump’s drone you hate on foreign companies.

            It all makes sense now, that explains why you know nothing about exclusives and consoles, you probably don’t even have one.

            I’m sorry you are missing the fun of video gaming Cletus, but you can still go shoot some cans.

          • Aaron blanchard

            Well you couldn’t be more wrong!! Just like your wrong about your shitstation pro. I’m Canadian and live just outside the city. But I would have voted for Trump because the shithole created by shitholes like you, SJW know it alls needs to be flushed down the tubes because it’s faggots like you who destroy your country. You probably cry about not working because your a pissed minority who cries racism at every chance so you can ride off that for pity. Awwww…. you mad Trump beat Crooked Hillary!!! Lol. You must be because you brought it up while arguing with a Canadian on a gaming site!!! Let me guess…. Black lives Matter lol. Polish your thick brim glasses, change your diapers and stop crying like a bitch. America will never be great again with losers like you inheriting the country. Go play with play dough you hurt homo.

          • Aaron blanchard

            Black, brown, red, white, yellow. Who cares. It’s your mindset and your insecurities that are your downfall. It’s none else’s fault but your own that your a loser. Remember that. You’ll have Trump to remind you of that daily lol

  • Aaron blanchard

    You brought up politics. Let’s agree to disagree and move on. It’s Sunday. Plus there is no end to Alt left opinions like yours. I’m enjoying both systems, but I think I prefer Xbox one mostly for the controller. I’m a single handed gamer past 4 years and the elite controller is sweet. I am a big fan of The order, Uncharted, and Fallout 4 is my favourite on PS4 because the visuals are crisp. But as for holding the controller it’s a little tough sometimes. So maybe that’s why I am a Xbot and your a pony. Sound fair? ……..Xbox rocks!!!!!


      Wow, that’s the first time someone throws me an olive branch immediately after a shitstorm attack.

      Anyways, there’s no argument I can make against anyone preferring the Xbox controller, or that they love the elite one, that’s a perfectly good reason for preferring the Xbox.

      But this wasn’t really about personal preferences, those are completely respectable. I said, and I stand by it, that do far the only appeal in favor of the Scorpio is the fact that it would be a more powerful console than the rest, but it will most likely be the most expensive one (not ever but among the available ones), it won’t have a list of console exclusives available to compete with the one of the ps4 (in both number and scope) and the fact that the biggest Xbox franchises like gears and halo won’t come out again for a long time. And last but not least, there won’t be a single system seller since it will share all its games with xbone and Pc.

      If it is priced right, it will sell well, but I honestly think it will not come close to the success ps4 has had since launch.

      In the end I don’t judge anyone for preferring the Xbox, but I find it hilarious when people think that just because the Scorpio will be more powerful it will suddenly crush the ps4 and turn the tide of the console war.

  • Aaron blanchard

    Sometimes gamer wars end with hostility. It’s the way of the world my friend. Hey…. Merry Christmas. And a ps pro New Year to you lol.


      But this one didn’t! You did see that I replied the other message too, didn’t you?

      Anyways, happy holidays and enjoy your gaming wherever it may be!

      • Aaron blanchard

        I saw it and was much obliged. And about the Trump thing, it was a low blow. It was shocking when he won. But it’s important to give your leaders a chance to govern. I personally would have not voted for any one of the candidates running. Maybe Bernie Sanders. America is a great country and you should be proud of it. See you in the next gaming forum….. prepare for war!!!! Lol, just kidding.