Mario Golf World Tour [3DS]
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A quirky, fun arcade-sports title, despite a case of some lazy game design that relies too heavily on the Mario franchise

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Mario Golf World Tour [3DS]

What is it? A golf game featuring the characters and environments from the Super Mario Bros franchise that stretches from standard golf games to more cartoony power-up based modes and challenges.

The classic Mario Golf franchise returns with its first outing on the 3DS and offers two main modes to get your golf on. Mario Golf mode is where the fun is at, and has you playing as famous Mario characters in (online and offline) tournaments, vs modes and special challenges, while Castle Club functions as a fairly annoying and uninteresting career mode, where you play as your terrible looking/sounding Mii and upgrade equipment, unlock levels and compete in tournaments.

If there’s something that Mario Golf is guilty of, its that it doesn’t make it very clear where you should be, and what you should be doing and how you unlock more courses, outfits, equipment etc. Gameplay is fun and challenging but also hampered by controls that could clearly be better, as well as a touch of lazy game design.

If you stick to Mario Golf mode, get stuck into challenges, use the online modes and don’t pay much attention to the Castle Club mode, you will find a fun, quirky golf title for your handheld.

Review platform: 3DS | Developer: Camelot Software Planning | Metacritic: 78%

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