Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
Gameplay 4
Production 4
Experience 5
Value 5

Diablo has found a new home on next-gen consoles and with all it has to offer, anyone who owns a next-gen console shouldn’t be caught without a copy

Summary 4.5 Great!
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Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

What is it? A fantasy hack ‘n’ slash action RPG where the hero/heroes arriving at a small town must journey to discover and defeat the Lord of Terror by killing everything evil, finding powerful equipment and levelling up their abilities

Diablo’s dark fantasy story became famous for the nature of it’s addictive levelling system, exploration and the need to find that next sweet piece of loot. The console’s Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo III sports a fantastic control scheme that works similarly to a twin-stick shooter, with an almost-perfect optimised and streamlined item/character management system that let’s you spend less time in menus and more time kicking evil’s ass. The silky smooth frame-rate, gorgeous art style and sharp graphics (on next-gen consoles) don’t hurt either.

Aside from the 10-12 hours needed to finish the story, this game has randomised elements and is designed to be finished multiple times with multiple characters. Additionally, with the inclusion of the Reaper of Souls expansion, new modes and the existing ability to play four player multiplayer online or locally, there is an almost endless amount of value and fun to be found.

It’s great value, great fun and comes highly recommended.

Review platform: PS4  |  Also available: Xbox One, PS3, PS4  |  Developer: Blizzard  |  Review copy provided by:  Megarom Interactive  |  Metacritic: 90%

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  • Trebzz

    I need this game badly in my life :/ hearing so many good things and will pick it up before December.

  • SauRoN

    Don’t you think it was a little too cheesy at times?

    Gone are the dark themes of old Diablo replaced with WoW like cartoony graphics and really crappy lines from the not so great voice overs.

    Not saying it’s a bad game but also not thinking it’s worth of a 4.5 / 5 when the likes of Wolfenstein gets a flat 4 and arguably deserves more.

    Not to mention Diablo 3 is a rince and repeat of what came before and largely bargains on nostalgia alone.