6 Clips Showing AC: Syndicate As Buggy As Unity

6 Clips Showing AC: Syndicate As Buggy As Unity

It’s a year down the line and pretty much no one has forgiven or forgotten the messy launch of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Floating eyeballs, falling through floors and flying NPCs was the order of the day. AC Syndicate seems to be getting a much better response from people, relieved that Syndicate is so much better than Unity was… but really, is it any better? It may not do the eyeball/teeth thing, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t rife with bugs.

I have been playing Syndicate for review, and these twitter shared clips from my timeline are only from the time I’ve spent with the game, and there are bugs a’plenty. I’ve heard of other people having almost none, but that’s certainly not been the case here.

Check out the vids below… it must be said, some of them really gave me a case of the chuckles, especially the carriage dismount.

And here’s a bonus one. Not a bug, but I’ll be damned if the way I went flailing didn’t make me laugh:


  1. Unavengedavo October 29, 2015

    I mostly have given up on the series since AC 3… Would like to play Black flag though

    • Miklós Szecsei October 29, 2015

      Play Black Flag. It’s really, really, REALLY good. My favourite one by far.

      • Nick de Bruyne October 29, 2015

        Black Flag is really fun, but it’s just endless and so can become boring over time. My wife continued her playthrough of it this very week, was super amped to get back into it (she loves the series), played like crazy for like 3 days and the suddenly told me she is just so bored with it.

        The biggest issue with Black Flag, no jokes… is that its an Assassins Creed game. They need to drop the sneaky crap, put more effort into guns and combat and make a full blown pirate franchise game. Im almost calling that they’re going to do it. We’ll see.

    • Nick de Bruyne October 29, 2015

      I actually liked Unity, felt like a next-gen AC2 sort of thing, it was only the bugs and performance that was the issue, I found the game to be pretty good. Also great co-op.

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